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Calum Grant

2019 Recipient Profile


Name:  Calum, Infant

Parents:  Cody + Leah Grant

Home:  Green Bay; Extensive Family [Fameree] in Casco


Calum’s Story:


Calum was born on March 31, 2018.  When Calum was 7 months old, a tumor was discovered due to a protrusion on his abdomen. When the Oncologist team at Milwaukee Children’s removed the tumor, they found the tumor was sticky and attached to several major organs – his stomach, pancreas, liver and intestines.  The tumor was determined to be a Teratoma or Germ Cell Tumor, which thankfully was benign/non-cancerous. There were, however, concerns of residual issues with his pancreas due to how the tumor had been attached to it, as well as other ‘watch outs’. Due to the continued need for care and countless follow up doctor appointments, Leah elected to stay home to care for Calum and his 3-year old brother Roman.


Below is a summary of the numerous challenges related to Calum:


  • Major specialty surgery at 7 months old

  • MRI and Blood Work every 3 months in the first-year post surgery

  • Blood Work every 3 months in second-year post surgery

  • Faced ‘Failure to Thrive’ and Weight Loss due to Calum’s body not absorbing nutrients

  • Abnormal labs, doctors reviewing with diagnostic testing

  • Currently, Iron and Liver enzymes are low and are being monitored


Calum’s family is thankful for the expertise of the Oncology team and staff at Milwaukee Children’s and is extremely grateful for the outpouring of love, prayers and support from their extended family, friends and the Luxemburg/Casco and Green Bay communities.  


The Andy Nowak Foundation, Inc. is pleased to be able to assist this deserving family and has chosen them to be a 2019 Recipient.  


Thank you for your support of the Andy Nowak Foundation, Inc. as it allows us to provide financial assistance to families in our community facing challenging situations.

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