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Michael Lampe

2019 Recipient Profile


Name:  Michael L

Parents:  Kevin + Stacy L

Home:  Luxemburg/Casco Community


Michael’s Story:


Michael was born on July 9, 2018 with Down Syndrome and an AV Canal Heart Defect.  Initially Michael

developed very well [rolling over + cooing] but has faced several health-related obstacles since October 2018.  

Due to the need for around the clock care, Michael’s father elected to leave his job to stay home to care for

him. Below you will find a summary of the numerous challenges Michael has faced:


  • Respiratory Issues which required intubation, [oxygen]

  • An incident in which his breathing stopped/heart arrested requiring CPR. Michael suffered a major kidney injury from the CPR, which required dialysis

  • Michael’s kidneys returned to full function, allowing open heart surgery to repair the AV Canal in his heart.  Additional procedures were performed while he was recovering at Children’s – a bronchoscopy to remove fluid from lungs and a G Tube was placed in his stomach for feeding as he lost the ability to take a bottle on his own

  • At the end of 2018, a significant brain injury was discovered due to lack of oxygen when his heart had arrested.  An MRI showed fluid surrounding his brain that required surgery on February 28th to place a shunt.


Michael’s loving family is so thankful for everything that the doctors, nurses and therapists have done to help Michael.  They believe that the power of FAITH, FAMILY and COMMUNITY is what keeps Michael strong and ready for anything that life can put his way.  The community, Casco, Luxemburg and all of Kewaunee County has been amazing in reaching out to support Michael. The family feels that it is extremely difficult for any family to go through what Michael’s has, but with a strong faith, supportive family and encouraging community, ‘there in every moment when it looks the darkest, there will always be a light’.


The Andy Nowak Foundation, Inc. is pleased to be able to assist this deserving family and has chosen them to be a 2019 Recipient.  


Thank you for your support of the Andy Nowak Foundation, Inc. as it allows us to provide financial assistance to families in our community facing challenging situations.

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